Whether you are challenged by a recent life transition, relationship or family issues, or wish to find more meaning in life, therapy can help. Committed to serving a diverse community of people, I welcome all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations and genders. People who I help often:

  • find themselves in a time of transition, leading to feelings of overwhelm, stress and fatigue

  • have trouble quieting their inner critic despite their achievements and skills

  • are aware of patterns interfering with their satisfaction in life, but aren't sure how to change them

  • put themselves last after taking care of everyone else, and struggle to ask for help or say no

Faced with challenges like these, you may find yourself experiencing issues with sleep, increased irritability or anger, waves of sadness, or feeling disconnected from others. Drawing from various evidence-based approaches, I use an integrative approach pulling from various modalities, and tailor interventions to meet your needs.