Adolescence is paved with stressors. Navigating school, homework, dating, and a changing physical appearance can all contribute to overwhelm, anxiety, and low mood. Knowing what’s typical adolescent behavior and what may require additional support is often difficult to parse, especially when parents who want to support their child and attempt to talk about these issues find their teen unwilling to share.


Whether your teen is "acting in" and shutting down, in a state of overwhelm and anxiety, or "acting out" with risky behaviors, I'm trained in guiding young people to feel more empowered to be their best selves. I utilize evidence-based best practices stemming from Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to help support adolescents and parents in this time of change and transition. In particular, I work with teens struggling with:


  • anxiety and depression

  • relationship issues

  • feeling different or less than others

  • issues arising from identifying as LGBTQ+

  • perfectionism 

  • family conflict 

  • impulsive and risky behaviors

  • unhealthy substance abuse

In addition to supporting teens with individual therapy, I also meet with the parents of sensitive teens who want skills-oriented coaching on how to best support their children.