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Areas of Expertise


There are surprisingly diverse ways to address mental health concerns, and we will work together to find out what feels right for you. I view my role as posing questions or reflections that will help you think your way through challenges and open up new possibilities.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

When anxiety and depression manifest, it's important to empower yourself with skills and techniques to combat symptoms. I have extensive training in Dialectal Behavior Therapy (DBT), a form of therapy that combines cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) with Eastern meditation practices


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an empirically validated treatment for healing from trauma, and a highly effective tool for treating traumatic events, accidents, painful memories, PTSD, anxiety, and panic.

My Approach & Bio

I address client concerns with a warm style, combining humor and creativity with empirically researched and validated interventions.

I have a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California, and a Law (LLB Hons) degree from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom.

Prior to working in private practice, I provided therapy services to multi-stressed individuals and families at Family Service Agency of Marin, and assessed suicide risk for middle and high school-aged adolescents using Columbia University’s TeenScreen Protocol, designed to proactively target services for at-risk youth. Through the First Responder Support Network, I provided PTSD treatment from stress and critical incidents experienced by first responders and their families. I've piloted and facilitated Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) groups at Petaluma Counseling Center, and have helped clients integrate traumatic experiences at Bay Area Trauma Treatment Center using Trauma-Focused CBT and EMDR. 

In addition to practicing therapy, I am an Adjunct Professor in the Counseling Psychology department at Dominican University of California and in the Counseling Psychology (M.A.) program at The Wright Institute.


When not in the office, I can be found enjoying live music around the Bay Area, spending time with my family, and wandering the trails of Marin County.

My Approach
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