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Mental Health Educator

Adjunct Professor, The Wright Institute

In addition to private practice, I enjoy teaching others about the theory and practice of psychotherapy.

I teach a class on postmodern family therapy in the Counseling Psychology (M.A.) program at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA. The course provides advanced training in the theories and techniques of modern and post-modern schools of family therapy including Cognitive Behavioral, Behavioral, Solution-Focused, and Narrative Therapy. 

Adjunct Professor, Dominican University of California

I have the privilege of teaching Psychodynamic in the DUC Counseling Psychology Department, covering traditional and recent developments in psychodynamic theory and history. The course covers the concepts and techniques associated with Ego Psychology, Object Relations, Self-Psychology, Control Mastery, Intersubjective, and Relational theories.

Community Mental Health

I am a big proponent of combatting mental health stigma and am available to educate and normalize the importance of mental health wellness at nonprofits, schools, and community mental health settings.

My Approach
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